Learning QGIS

Get started with GIS. Learn to make a map by using our e-learning facility. Also for a Geographic Information System there are (free) Open Source applications such as the commonly used QGIS. With this versatile program you compile a map by organizing, combining and linking data. Analyze the data, add your own layout and prepare the map for publication. In this popular e-course you will learn the possibilities of using QGIS and you will work with this extensive GIS program. See: Program


Online course QGIS

Nieuwland Geo-information and IHE Delft developed a online basic QGIS course with the aim to help you apply GIS in your own working environment.
Practice files
Practice files are available in the course; it allows you to go through the exercises yourself. You can always see how far you have progressed.
Each course has its own forum If you have a question, just ask the forum. You will receive a response from a specialist.
Test your knowledge
Almost all courses contain questions, your answer is checked immediately, you will gain insight into your knowledge. You can do the tests as often as you like.
Official QGIS certificate
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate if you have fulfilled all assignments.
€ 295,-
Total workload
28 hours
Self paced
Learn at your own rhythm.
Start at any time you want.


Our experienced team will support you during the program
Hans van der kwast
Hans van der kwast


IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Sabine Schnichels
Sabine Schnichels



Peter Kaspers
Peter Kaspers



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