Nieuwland Geo

Geo-information Technology

Nieuwland Geo-Informatie is a specialized ICT company focused on geographic information.
We combine experience in geo-technology with in-depth knowledge of areas as ecology, water, forestry, spatial planning and traffic infrastructure.

Nieuwland Geo-Informatie is established in Wageningen to provide advisory and technical assistance to governmental bodies, public and private institutions, to local governments and municipalities as well as their affiliated companies and to international agencies and firms.

Our strengths lie in the fields of providing specific expertise and know-how and management consultancy. We are well known for our network in the sector.
Nieuwland successfully handles complex projects such as development, management and user support. Even more typical for Nieuwland are highly specialized projects in close co-operation with end-users.

Nieuwland operates independent from software vendors in order to provide clients with the best solutions.
With its flexible structure, Nieuwland Geo-Informatie keeps strengthening its role and reputation in the market of geo-information technology.


Since the late eighties Nieuwland is a well known education centre for training in Geographic Information Systems and Web Mapping. We offer workshops, courses , E-learning, training programs, customized trainings, user documentation, online help modules etc.

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IHE Delft

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands. The Institute confers fully accredited MSc degrees, and PhD degrees in collaboration with partner universities.

The Institute

Since 1957 the Institute has provided graduate education to more than 15,000 water professionals from over 162 countries, the vast majority from the developing world. Numerous research and capacity development projects are carried out throughout the world. The Institute offers a unique combination of applied, scientific and participatory research in water engineering combined with natural sciences, social sciences and management and governance. Since its establishment the Institute has played an instrumental role in developing the capacities of water sector organizations in the Global South, not least by strengthening the efforts of other universities and research centres to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the water sector.

IHE Delft carries out educational, research and institutional strengthening activities that complement and reinforce each other in the broad fields of water engineering, water management, environment, sanitation, and governance.

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