Basic skills

Getting familiar with QGIS

Digitizing from a scanned map (work load: 6 hours)
  • Choosing the project
  • Enable the GeoReferencer GDAL Plugin
  • Importing the scanned map into the GeoReferencer GDAL Plugin
  • Setting the transformation parameters
  • Adding Ground Control Points
  • Performing the transformation
  • Digitizing vector layers from a georeferenced backdrop
Importing tabular data into GIS and interpolation (work load: 5 hours)
  • Convert Excel table to GIS format
  • Join Attributes tables
  • Interpolate point features to raster
Vector Analysis (work load: 5 hours)
  • Make Fixed and Variable buffers
  • Clipping features
  • Calculate Statistics
Using Open Acces Data (work load: 2 hours)
  • Adding data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) public map services
  • Adding vector data from OpenStreetmaps
Styling and map design (work load: 6 hours)
  • Style vector data
  • Saving and exporting layer styles
  • Make a map in the print composer
  • Creating a PDF map
  • Creating a 2.5D interactive map
  • Export to Google Earth

(Totally Work load: 24 hours)